Our Story

Anajpur- It's not another brand in the market  but a tradition passed down by our Grand Father Haji Nizam Ud Deen since 1973.

Each pulse and grain ensembles the love passed down generation after generation. Our Rice and pulses have been adding  embellishment to every other feast in every household of Rawalpindi.

We recieved so much love that inorder to secure our place in every kitchen cabinet we introduced spices, dry fruits, dates and Honey.As the sweetness started spreading in your lives we introduced Anaajpur,a sapling by his third generation; a little seedling adding to the roots of our beloved Dada Jan.

We believe in following his footsteps and promise on delivering the same quality products. As they say a family that works, prays and eats together stays together.

Hence, we believe in creating an unbreakable bond with our loyal customers and be the source of smile at your dinner tables.